Mrs Hinch fans share 36p cleaning hack to beat mould – without any scrubbing

Looking for a cheap and cheerful cleaning hack?

Now we all know how frustrating mould can be, luckily there are ways to avoid it. The black stuff usually comes alive in a warm and damp environment.

It's not always avoidable as the bathroom area tends to be quite wet from taking a shower. Now Facebook users on the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tip page certainly have a trick.

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She wrote: "Please don't judge. Does anyone have any advice on how to remove mould from the silicone sealant around a bath please?"

The post garnered dozens of likes and comments from other cleaning enthusiasts sharing their top tips, including a cheap bleach hack.

One woman wrote: "Put some bleach on cotton wool pads and put it on the mould area and a little bit more on top. Leave it for a while and then wipe it down and you'll be good to go."

Another added: "Neat bleach on toilet roll, kitchen roll or cotton pads. Leave it for 15 minutes and it'll be back to white."

Bleach can be purchased from all supermarkets for as little as 65p, providing an affordable way to eliminate mould once and for all.

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It's crucial to ventilate the area after using bleach and to keep children, as well as pets, away for a few hours. Other Mrs Hinch fans recommend using mould spray to get down to work.

A user said: "HG Mould spray is honestly the best thing I've ever bought, the only product you need. Just spray and leave everything just disappears.

"No need to scrub, I wipe or rinse the area afterwards and make sure the room is well-ventilated as it's super strong."

HG Mould Remover can be purchased from many retailers, including Amazon, Tesco and Ocado.

The description reads: "HG Mould spray destroys all moulds immediately and easily. It is a self-acting cleaner that deals quickly and effectively with unhealthy black mould stains.

"These dirty black mould, damp or mildew stains often occur on the silicone seals between the bathtub and tiled wall, in the shower cubicle or on plaster.

"This produces black stains that are bad for your health. HG Mould spray removes these stains quickly and easily. Suitable for tile and silicone joints and plasterwork."

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