National Grid issues second blackout scheme update in one week – find out how you can get cash for cutting energy | The Sun

THESE are the exact hours you should cut down your energy usage to get paid in a National Grid scheme.

Brits will be offered cash to reduce their energy consumption as part of the second Live Demand Flexibility Service.

The National Grid expects "electricity supply margins" to be tighter than usual tomorrow evening.

Eligible households will be offered cash and other incentives to cut down their usage between 4.30pm and 6pm tomorrow.

Households who are eligible will be offered cash and other incentives to reduce their energy.

It is unclear how much exactly those taking part will receive.

The National Grid this afternoon said: “Our forecasts show electricity supply margins are expected to be tighter than normal on Friday evening.

"We are activating a Live Demand Flexibility Service event between 16:30-18.00 tomorrow.

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"It does not mean electricity supplies are at risk and people should not be worried.

"These are precautionary measures to maintain the buffer of spare capacity we need.”

The first Live Demand Flexibility Service (DFS) ran last night from around 5pm and 6.30pm.

Money Saving Expert reports National Grid is paying energy suppliers at least £3 per unit (kilowatt hour) of electricity saved.

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Energy suppliers can choose how much of that payment is passed on to users.

The scheme is aimed at preventing total blackouts during the colder weather by reducing pressure on the network.

So far 1.4million businesses and households and 37 energy suppliers have signed up to take part in the scheme.

It comes after just under £11 million was paid out last year for those taking part.

The scheme was launched following energy shortages last year, partly triggered by Russian gas cuts to Europe following its invasion of Ukraine.

Families don't have to switch off lights during a DFS period but are instead urged to switch off appliances such as washing machines.

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