‘Sex workers are much better than virtual girlfriends – AI doesn’t scare me’

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    Artificial intelligence is more popular than ever.

    But in terms of the kinky world, one sex worker doesn't seem too threatened by AI. Madam Bella Cummins owns Bella's Hacienda Ranch, a licensed brothel in Nevada, US.

    She believes while virtual girlfriends are on the rise, it won't ever impact human sex workers. In fact, Bella doesn't think it poses a threat to her sex workers.

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    Speaking exclusively to Daily Star, Bella said: "Virtual girlfriends and chatbot apps that converse with users provide emotional support which allows randy men to live out their erotic fantasies."

    She added: "While the app constantly learns and adapts to what the user prefers sexually, it could be the most serious technological threat the sexual services industry has ever faced.

    "Not only do these apps threaten to one day put human sex workers out of business, they also negatively impact the sexual health of the men who use them.

    "But human sex workers often act as erotic coaches, teaching men how to treat women and how to thoroughly enjoy a consensual intimate encounter between two respectful adults."

    Bella said while men get comfortable with AI girlfriends, they'll begin to lose their understanding of what it means to be a giver in a mutual sex situation.

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    She fears lads would become accustomed to exactly what they want from their AI lover, whether they're aware of it or not, and lose the ability to compromise in relationships.

    The brothel owner continued: "This will make these men terrible lovers or, at worst, turn them into selfish, unfeeling zombies who will never know what it's like to give pleasure to another human being."

    Back in June, Bella created a policy which forbids the use of AI in her legal brothel. She pledged unwavering support to both her customers and courtesans.

    Bella explained: "As AI continues to become more sophisticated, I felt that it was time to take a stand and officially ban the technology in all aspects of my business."

    She believes conversing with an AI is becoming indistinguishable from human interaction. Now with AI-enhanced video and photo functions, users can do a lot with the click of a button.

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    Now she wants to assure her clients. She said: "If a customer is communicating with a sex worker from Bella's Hacienda, they can be confident the client is speaking to a breathing woman. My business will not employ AI shortcuts or technological trickery."

    In addition to virtual partners which can stimulate conversation and intimacy, Bella believes the legal brothel industry is on the verge of a looming conflict.

    She concluded: "I think it's a war that human sex workers will win. I feel there will never be a substitute for the genuine caress of a compassionate and empathetic woman, and that human touch.

    "While there is money to be made with AI sex, I must reject the temptation to explore any opportunities that AI offers. My industry has been referred to as the 'oldest profession'.

    "I need to trust my instincts and make it clear, right now, that I stand firmly against AI technology and my establishment will only offer the finest services human women can provide."

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