Elton John terrorised pal with silent but deadly farts and ‘tried to drown’ him

Joker Sir Elton John loved dropping silent but deadly farts.

His songwriting partner Bernie Taupin, 73, revealed his love of pranks in his hit-making heyday. It wasn’t just letting rip that got the Rocket Man giggling – he once tried to “drown” his lyricist and lifelong pal.

In his brand new book Scattershot, Bernie said of a recording session on the Caribbean island Montserrat: “I’m not really sure what my friend was imbibing at the time, but it was most assuredly something that had him amped up to the max.

“One night after work in the studio was completed, or at least Elton’s input was, we retired to the pool for a little extracurricular aquatic recreation. Elton being Elton (intoxicated and possibly as high as Saturn), he tried to drown me.

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“These sort of jousting tournaments between the two of us went all the way back to the days when he took great pleasure in placing a hot teaspoon on the back of my hand at any given opportunity.

“This along with farting silently in the back seat of a car and awaiting my reaction with a silly grin on his face were early juvenile but harmless party tricks.”

Bernie admitted that Elton, 76, got more out of control when his addiction problems took hold of him and playful jostling became more serious. He said: “They, however, tended to get a little more aggressive as we aged, and when alcohol and drugs came into play.

“Point in fact was an evening at LA’s Le Dome restaurant when after a bucketful of martinis he slapped me so hard across the face that I almost fell over. I might add that Elton was Herculeanly strong and built like a proverbial brick s***house.

“So, liberally soused and not knowing his own strength, what was meant as a loving tap felt like a sucker punch. When he called me the next day, he had no recollection whatsoever of the incident and was sincere in his apology.”

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