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TRAVELLERS could save hundreds of pounds on their holidays by booking open jaw flights.

With holiday costs on the rise, people are having to become increasingly creative to ensure their vacations remain affordable.

And the open jaw flight is an interesting method that could not only be cheaper, but might make your holiday more interesting too.

"Have you ever heard of an open jaw flight? There's a chance you've already taken one before," travel influencer @ColleenYouOut explained to her followers.

"An open jaw flight is simply a flight where the destination and/or origin of the flight are not the same in both directions."

An example could be a flight from Chicago to Paris that then returns to Chicago from Munich after getting there by train, car or a low-cost regional airline.

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Whether or not it's more affordable will depend on the airlines you're booking with.

One website that allows passengers to book an open-jaw route is Alternative Airlines, who list easyJet and British Airways among the best European airlines to fly open-jaw routes with.

They said: "Open jaw flights can be cheaper. However, it'll depend on the airline that you fly on.

"It may be easier for you to fly with an airline that has a wide selection of routes and destinations."

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Open-jaw routes are also great for cities like London where there are multiple airports.

For example, it may be cheaper to fly from Gatwick, but back into Heathrow, or another airport.

Justin Hayward of SimpleFlying said: "Open jaw flights could save time or add more destinations to a trip for a similar price.

"If your travels will take you from one place to another, there is no need to have to return to the same airport."

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