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A WOMAN who has been camping for more than 40 years has revealed her top tricks for eating on the go – without scrimping on taste.

Karen Wright, 65, said she went on her first caravan trip with her family when she was 12.

However, the food was never the finest dining.

She told Sun Online Travel: "My mum used to always cook out of packets and tins, it wasn't anything fancy.

"People don't think it's easy to do it in caravans."

Since then, the former Bake Off star has travelled Europe in her caravan with her partner John.

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Following her appearance on Great British Bake Off in 2018, she was inspired to keep cooking while on the go, a journey she shares in her upcoming book Meals on the Move.

She said: "I wanted to make dinners every evening that I would be happy to serve in a restaurant or a hotel.

"When I cook in the caravan, I like to do everything on a hob and within 30 minutes, otherwise you will use up all your gas."

Some of the best meals she cooked were while in their native country, including puttanesca pasta and bruschetta while in Italy.

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Karen explained: "The easiest meals are the ones that don't include meat.

"When I was in France it was hard to find something like one skinless chicken thighs, with everything on the bone."

"I also try and make everything in one pan – I don't like having to do much washing up!

"So no side sauces, and put it in together."

Pancakes are also easy, she admits, and said there was one simple dish which is her favourite.

She added: "Mushroom bourguignon is my favourite – it's just sauteeing mushrooms with wine and garlic and you can even sip a glass of wine while it's cooking."

Another way is to "cheat" meals, the former Bake Off star explained.

Karen continued: "I wanted to do a pizza – so I made one using a tortilla wrap in a frying pan.

"It worked well and even used tomato ketchup as the base along with a handful of cheese and spinach.

"It's a cheat pizza but it's so simple without having to heat an oven up."

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