Rest on the southern coast of Turkey. All sights

When planning a vacation on the southern coast of Turkey, people often focus on the place of residence. They are interested in where their hotel is located, whether it is “all-inclusive”.

Everyone is willing to pay a lot of money for the tour, while staying on the territory of the hotel. But the most interesting sights are outside of it.

Before booking a hotel room, it is better to get acquainted with the city. Thus, visitors can enjoy not only the view from the window, but also go on a tour of the wonderful places of

Turkey. They are in every city in large numbers.

The most visited attractions of Turkey

1. Kemer is a seaside resort city. Located on the shore of the Mediterranean coast. It has long been on the lips of beach lovers. All year round crowds of tourists go here to enjoy the beautiful views. For those who get bogged down in all-inclusive hotels, several excursions are worth arranging.

The first thing to do is to go to the canyon of Geyniuk. It is located between Kemer and Antalya. Here you can admire the steep stone ledges, falling waterfalls. The length of the gorge is 14 km. The group is assembled on site and all are given wetsuits, rubber shoes, helmets, life jackets and set off for the waterfall.

1.2 Visit the ruins of Olympos, which was a port city many centuries ago. From here you can enjoy great views.

1.3 For the fans of the observation points it is interesting to climb the mountain Tahtali with the longest cable car of the country. It is situated above sea level at 2365 meters.

1.4 A visit to the Chimera Fire Mountain. It is unique in that it emits fiery flames all year round. People come here in the evening. Companies of tourists fry sausages, play guitar, drink wine or just enjoy the wonders of nature.

2. Fethiye. Staying in this city, you can walk along the marina, where there are luxurious yachts, pleasure boats. You should not spend a whole day walking around the streets, it is better to go to the outskirts of the town.

2.1 For lovers of ancient antiquity you can visit the ancient polis of Pienaar in the shadow of the mountains. Here there is no influx of tourists and few people know about the place. You can see a small amphitheater walking through which you can meet turtles. If you go up the trail, you can see the houses in the rock. Burials were made in these handmade caves. The views are stunning and worth seeing. It is better not to go on a rainy day.

2.2 The Valley of Butterflies is situated 12 km from Fethiye and is home to many varieties of these beautiful insects. You can get here only by sea. If you walk along the path you will come to picturesque waterfalls.

2.3 The pearl of Turkey – Oludeniz. You have to come here by the landscape road from Fethiye. This is a paradise place with a good beach. Turquoise clear water, surrounded by mountains. It can not be called quiet and deserted, because a lot of people come here, but it is definitely a must-visit. Those who love extreme can fly paragliders.

3. Marmaris is located on the shores of two seas: the Aegean and the Mediterranean. It is surrounded by mountains and hills. Locals regard it as the Turkish Ibiza. Narrow streets filled with traffic. During the season there are a lot of tourists, especially Russian speakers. The waterfront of the city is full of yachts. Everyone can take Marmaris excursions to the islands. Walking along the sea, you can admire the interesting sculptures and fountains.

3.1 Outside Marmaris there is famous Cleopatra Baths – Pamukkale.
The town of Icmeler, located 7 km from the city, offers spacious and quiet beaches. Many people go there on bicycles on the promenade. However, on a hot day it is a very difficult route. The most important thing to do in Turkey is to connect to the Turks by bus. It is inexpensive and fast transport.

3.3 Not far from Icmeler there is another village, Turunç, which can easily be reached by water cab. The cost is 15 liras. The bay, which is located in a protected area, is full of greenery and deserves special attention.

3.4 Excursion to the ancient city of Ephesus, which is well preserved to this day.

3.5 A fascinating gorge Saklikent, where you have to walk knee-deep in water, and in some places climb over rocks. Entrance fee. For money you get a helmet and comfortable shoes.

3.6 Huge ruins of Tlos. His territory is quite large and very impressive. Beautiful pictures are obtained before the sunset.

4. Bodrum. The distance from Marmaris is 165 km. The drive by car takes 2.5 hours. The neighborhood with Greek islands gives some similarity to them: white houses, narrow streets. Large cruise ships call here. There are a lot of one-way streets. The city is very busy.

The most beautiful sight in Bodrum is St. Peter’s Castle. It is better to have a couple of hours to see it. For a long time it was abandoned. Then it was turned into a prison. Since 1960, opened a museum of underwater archeology. Here are stored ancient coins and weapons raised from the bottom of the sea from sunken ships.

4.1 The sightseeing attraction of Bodrum is St. Peter’s Castle. It is better to allocate a couple of hours for its inspection. For a long time it was abandoned. Then it was turned into a prison. Since 1960, opened a museum of underwater archeology. Here are stored ancient coins and weapons raised from the bottom of the sea from sunken ships.

The amphitheater on the Gektepe hill has been turned into an open-air museum.

You definitely should take a walk to the windmills of the 18th century located on the hill. You can get to the bottom of the mountain by bus, but then it will take about 30 minutes on foot. They are visible from virtually anywhere in the city.

4.4 For fans of active recreation we advise to go to the water park Dedeman. Its area is 40 thousand square meters. There are 24 slides, Jacuzzis, swimming pools, there are artificial lakes and a river of 350 meters with artificial waves. It is possible to relax on the sun beds during the breaks between swimming. There are restaurants and bars. To get here is easy by public transport.

Each city beauty of Turkey is different from each other, but after visiting at least one of them, the traveler will return home with fond memories of the rest.