The extraordinary 'bubble gum pink' lake in Spain with thousands of flamingos – but without the tourists | The Sun

PINK lakes are commonly associated with far-flung destinations like Australia and Mexico.

But a small resort town on the Costa Blanca has its very own pink lake with thousands of flamingos – and most Brit holidaymakers don't know it's there.

Set outside of Torrevieja in Costa Blanca, Laguna Salada de Torrevieja, also known as Laguna Rosa, is a pink salt lake that stretches across 1400 hectares.

The unusual hue is caused by halobacteria (a microorganism) and Dunaliella salina (a type of algae), which are both naturally pink in color and release a pigment into the water.

Travel blogger Charlotte, who is also known as Sunshine Seeker, described the lake as " bubblegum pink" in a recent post.  

But other visitors have said the water looked more "red" or "brown" in colour.

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The change in shade can be caused by several factors, including wind conditions and how the sunlight hits the water.

For the best chance of a deep pink lake, holidaymakers should aim to visit the lake between June to October.

For every litre of water at the lake, there are roughly 350 grams of salt- meaning swimmers will be able to float in the water.

During late August and early September, the lake is also home to a flock (flamboyance) of flamingos who use the lake during their breeding season.

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Both Ryanair and easyJet operate direct flights from the UK to Alicante Airport in Spain, with one-way tickets from £31 in September.

Laguna Salada de Torrevieja is an hour's drive from Alicante, or a 20-minute journey from the resort town of Torrevieja.

While the lake is protected by a metal fence, there are several openings where visitors can enter.

According to travel bloggers and social media users, swimming in the lake is prohibited with fines being issued.

The lake only has a handful of reviews on TripAdvisor – the bulk of which have been written by Spanish holidaymakers.

One person wrote: "A magical place, especially when comparing it with the blue of La Mata."

Another person said: "It is wonderful to be able to see the salt lagoon ofTorrevieja because of its colours."

While a third added: "We went because we were passing through and we loved it."

In recent years, a couple of holidaymakers have raved about the little-known lake on TikTok.

Cari, who is known as carielizabethh on the social media platform, recently posted a video all about her visit.

In the video, she said: "This is the Laguna Salada de Torrevieja, which is just outside of Alicante, Spain.

"This lake is known for its extremely high salinity levels, which makes you float with absolutely no effort.

"People also cover themselves in mud before entering, due to the mud in this area being rich in minerals and salts, which have therapeutic and cosmetic properties such as exfoliation, skin rejuvenation, pain relief relaxation."

"I got to experience this first hand, and it is truly mind-blowing the way the water makes you float,"

"You get into the water and your body rises to the top.

In the comments, several users added the destination to their travel bucket lists.

Other nearby attractions include Laguna Salada de la Mata – a lake that's emerald green in colour.


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There are also several destinations across Europe that are home to pink sand beaches.

And, a seaside town in Devon has its very own beach which, in the right light, has stunning stretches of pink sand.

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