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WHILE most people head to Glastonbury to experience its legendary festival, there might just be an even better reason to visit.

White witch Dee Johnson is a "Third Degree Wiccan High Priestess" who casts spells and reads tarot cards for her clients.

In addition to her mystical day job, Dee has also spent years travelling to magical parts of the UK for both work and leisure.

One "totally magical" place Dee recommends to clients and friends alike is the town of Glastonbury in Somerset.

Dee, who is also known as The Modern Witch, has been visiting Glastonbury for the last 20 years.

Dee told Sun Online Travel: "Glastonbury is a magical, sacred, place. It is the Heart Chakra of the world, and it's even said that the holy grail was buried there."

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Every time Dee visits the festival town, she makes a beeline for Glastonbury Tor – a cone-shaped hill that's topped with the ruins of a bell tower from the 15th Century.

The bell tower was once part of the Church of St Michel's, and is believed to have been an important place for Druid priests and priestesses.

There are also some remains on the hill that are believed to indicate the former presence of a huge stone circle – like those found in Avebury and Stonehenge.

Visitors to Glastonbury Tor will need to climb 301 steps in order to reach the top, where they'll be rewarded with countryside views.

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Glastonbury Tor is free to enter.

Another place Dee always visits on her trips to Glastonbury is the Abbey Ruins.

She said: "The ruins are huge. It's a massive place where I lap the energy up. It used to be a monastery, but now it's shrouded in legends."

The legends include being linked to King Arthur and his knights.

Entry into the ruins costs £11 for a full-paying adult.

While a visit to the ruins could last an entire day in their own right, there are other magical attractions to visit in Glastonbury.

Dee said: "The high street is packed with lots of independent shops – you won't see a Starbucks here."

On her trips, Dee makes sure to visit some of the local shops like Star Child and The Sons of Askaban, both of which sell organic herbs and crystals.

She added: "There are also lots of vegan coffee shops, I really like eating at The Rainbow and the Hundred Monkey."

"The people in Glastonbury are really friendly, and I've made many friends there who I go back and visit."

Dee is often recognised by the shopkeepers on her visits to the town, but she knows other Brit holidaymakers will also be met with the same warmth.

And this isn't the only magical place in the UK Dee has recommended to Brit holidaymakers.

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