The two meals you should always pick when wanting the tastiest plane food | The Sun

THE top two meals to choose while you're on a flight have been revealed.

Many passengers can't wait to peel back the foil on their tray to see what the meal is on their flight.

But some frequent flyers dread in-flight food which they say never tastes quite as good as the meals we eat on ground level.

And now, Mark Brega, BA's executive chef has revealed the best meals to chow down on when you're up in the air.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, he explained how the food has to allow for the unique conditions on board a flight.

He said: "You lose about 30 per cent of your tastebuds so we have to factor this into our cooking.

"Generally, British food is very good, but it has a light flavour profile so spicier, more aromatic dishes tend to work better.

"Buttered chicken or chicken tikka masala are among our most popular dishes."

And he added wine can even taste different while you're flying.

He explained: "The same goes for wine; some of which taste brilliant on the ground but can taste awful in the air so it needs to be tested.

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"Fish like the smell of red mullet can fill up a cabin so have to be avoided. But the aroma of bread is hugely appealing, and signals to passengers that they're in for a nice meal."

Another gold rule of in-flight catering was that pilots never ate the same meal, so to avoid food poisoning that made them both ill at the same time.


And a sleep expert has revealed the meals you must make sure to avoid when on a flight.

Ben Slater from Online-Bedrooms offered his best tips for avoiding a difficult flight, which included eating anything too big or stodgy.

He said: "Try to avoid eating anything too heavy before going to sleep just like you would at home.

"Eating a heavy meal can leave us feeling uncomfortable and bloated, making it harder to fall asleep."

Ben also recommended passengers use a few handy items to increase their chances of getting some kip once the plane has taken off.

They included eye masks, ear plugs and even oils, which he said can help people fall asleep "in no time".

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