Man’s caterpillar cake ‘Godzilla the Tank Engine’ slammed as ‘high on crack’

A bloke who tried to whip up his first ever caterpillar cake got the shock of his life when the dessert turned out to be something from a horror movie.

Sharing his monstrosity on Reddit page CasualUK, user Grahamr1234 said it was in fact quite tasty despite it looking like something that would "haunt your dreams".

Although Graham seemed to get the log-like shape of the cake correct, the edible eyesore went completely downhill when the novice baker coated it in chocolate and then stuck Terry's Chocolate Orange pieces in its back – giving it a somewhat Godzilla vibe.

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The white-chocolate face is even more toe-curling as it makes out a distorted and horrifying picture of Thomas the Tank Engine.

One Reddit user said it looked as though Colin the Caterpillar had been on a crack binge.

"Lmao u made Colin the Crackypillar," they quipped.

"If I don’t get high asf, start on an imaginary bloke nobody else can see and lose some teeth eating this then my disappointment will be immeasurable and your day won’t be ruined.

"I like my cake like I like my women. If it tastes good then who cares what it looks like. Crack on!"

User mrbadger2000 joked it was "Godzilla the Tank Engine" while another added: "Looks like Thomas slowly morphing into a stegosaurus."

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Anime fans also chimed into the conversation, saying the cake looked like something out of 2001 film Spirited Away, adding: "If you find any gold coins in the cake, throw them away." In the film, gold ultimately ends up bringing misery to those who show their greed for it.

Meanwhile, urgent "do not eat" warnings have been given by Tesco, Morrisons and Lidl after recalls of meat, chocolate, cereal and veg products were issued.

These popular food items, compiling of Morrisons, Tesco and Lidl own-brand products, and Mars Wrigley items are being pulled off the shelves due to health and safety concerns. The Food Standards Agency (FSA) has sent out alert notices for products including prawns, duck, chocolate, cereal and peas. Some of these items may contain "sulphites, nuts, milk, and gluten-free oats" which aren't mentioned on the label.

Some products might be contaminated with salmonella or an unknown type of berry making them unsafe to eat. One product is also being recalled after plastic was found in it, another due to the discovery of "small pieces of rubber". Read the full story here.

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