TOP 10 really good celebrity-written essays

We have prepared the list of the top ten celebrities who have written essays that have essential meaning. Know about them right now!

TOP 10 Really Good Celebrity-Written Essays

Some people believe that being a celebrity is about beauty alone. They think it is about the extravagant life of going for a photoshoot and appearing on a TV screen.

Some celebrities are really educated people and have written a lot of interesting essays. They have created brilliant and relatable essays that many people are interested in. Whether they used essay service like homeworkmarket or they wrote them personally, the messages are good, and they are worth our time:

 I.            Title: “Quit Killing Us”

Author: Beyoncé

This essay piece centers on the bad attitude of the cops and the murder of black people. The killing of two blacks by the cops is in the center of writing. There were a series of emotions and justifiable anger. In the article, she advocates for the protection of black people.
II.            Title: “Ramblings of a juggler”

Author: Tina Fey

Tina centered her writing on the struggles faced by females in the film industry. She advised women to become producers to solve this. Besides, when various women of unique orientation get into the field, it will be easy.

III.            Title: “Why Do I Make Less Than My Male Co-Stars?”

Author: Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer’s essay centers on the discrepancy in treating men and women at work. Based on her piece, women are often misjudged, which affects their performance in the workplace.

IV.            Title: “My Medical Choice”

Written by Angelina Jolie

This essay from Angelina is a call for all women to prioritize their health. The health society lauded this essay as she revealed what she passed through with mastectomy.

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V.            Title: “Remembering Marlon Brando”

Written by Jack Nicholson

This essay is an emotional piece in which Jack shared how he felt about Brando. It is a touching essay that revealed their meeting, their interaction together, etc. It is a touching essay that showed a lot about the two.

VI.            Title: A Lady’s Portrait

Author Lady Gaga

This piece centers on the standard generally used to judge ladies. It also expressed the insecurity of women and their fear of expressing themselves. The piece encouraged women to embrace their personalities, especially their functionality and vulnerability.

VII.            Title: “Matt Damon’s Marathon”

Author Matt Damon

This is about the family’s history and their role in the Marathon of Boston. He discussed his experience and his father’s running. It also points out the new things introduced to the race.

VIII.            Title: “My Father’s Death”

Author Steve Martin

The essay was about his father’s death and the relationship in his family. It is a solid piece that gives you another perspective of the past when you consider it.

IX.            Title: “I Will not Be Silent on Depression anymore.”

Author Kristen Bell

She wrote about her struggle with depression and people’s ignorance of it. She also discussed how depression affected her life.

X.            Title:”What Selfie means”

Author James Franco

James’ essay was a reply to the many people that criticized him for too many selfies. He revealed that selfie helps him find meaning and be relevant.


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