Budapest Weather

Budapest is a great city for a trip to Europe. Especially for those who want the most budget holiday. Here it is quite possible to find an apartment for 1500 rubles and have lunch in a restaurant within 500 rubles. The city has enough entertainment as bars and cultural activities in the form of visits to excursions from Budapest, Hungary and local attractions. Therefore, you can decide where to go on arrival.

Among the most famous attractions are Orsagaz, Buda Castle, Gellert Hill and Statue, St. Stephen’s Basilica, the monument “Shoes on the Danube,” Sechenyi Bridge, a large synagogue funicular to Castle Hill, the Royal Palace, St. Matthias Church and the Fishermen’s Bastion.

In general, the city is considered a spa town because it has thermal springs. So when is the best time to visit the capital of Hungary? To determine the date it is worth to understand and know everything about the weather in this city. This will allow you to rest as comfortably as possible.

General information about the climate

Budapest is located in a temperate continental climate, so it is characterized by a smooth change of seasons: a mild and warm spring, moderately hot summer, rainy or clear-fresh autumn and not much frosty winter.

Lingering rains occur most often in March, early April and late October and November. Therefore, the best season to travel is from May to October. This time is the most comfortable for visiting bathing, historical and sightseeing places.

The peak season is in summer. In this regard, the prices in hotels and sanatoriums are maximally increased, so it is advisable to plan a trip well in advance. Another peak is considered the New Year and Christmas holidays. During this period there are mass events and all sorts of festivals and fairs, which is an additional reason for the influx of tourists from all over the world.

Regardless of the time of year you should have a swimsuit or swimming trunks, because Budapest has the largest bathing pool in Europe with thermal water. Here the water temperature is above zero all year round, despite the fact that it is outdoors.

Weather in Budapest by Month

To choose the period that is optimal for your wishes, you need to know what the weather conditions are expected in specific months.

  1. March involves rain and temperatures around +10 degrees. This month is the least comfortable to travel to Hungary. But the prices of accommodation are much lower seasonal.
  2. In spring, early April the sun gets warmer and the temperature approaches to +15 degrees, and by the middle and end of the month to +20-22 degrees. This temperature is best for those who do not like the heat, or for health reasons it is contraindicated. This month is a festival in the Japanese style called Sakura Unnep. The event takes place in the Botanical Gardens and is filled with the spirit of Japan. Here you can enjoy exhibitions based on manga, origami, feel the wonderful aromas of tea and enjoy the sounds of Japanese music.
  3. In May, despite approaching summer, there are often lingering rains. Therefore, this month is suitable for fans of melancholy and fresh thunderstorm air. The temperature usually does not exceed +18-19 degrees. During this period you can warm up and visit a festival dedicated to wine-making. It gathers lovers of the flavorful drink from all over the world. The festival has a gastronomic direction, so there is a lot of interest: wine, delicious soft drinks and traditional snacks and dishes.
  4. In June, the weather is usually warm, but there are rains, which are quickly replaced by sunny days. There is less wind and the sun is much hotter. The temperature is 24-25 degrees.
  5. July is considered the most favorable for recreation, because there is almost no rain and the temperature reaches 25-30 degrees, and the strong heat is not felt. In such weather it is beautiful to walk through the quiet streets of Budapest, explore the architecture of the city. During this period there are usually mass world events, like Formula 1. This month is not suitable for lovers of quiet and solitary pastime. Prices are also at a premium.
  6. August retains the warmth of July, there is no heat, the air is warm and stays at +23-24 degrees. But note that the evenings and nights are much cooler, so be sure to bring warm clothes. In August, the 20th celebrates St. Stephen’s Day. The holiday is of national importance, is considered revered and great. On this day Budapest is full of festivals, fairs and events dedicated to this holiday.
  7. For those who like more gentle heat the month of September is perfect. It hasn’t rained yet and the weather holds the temperature of August. This month there is another wine festival at Budva Castle, with winemakers from all over the world participating.
  8. In October, the weather becomes more autumn-like with temperatures dropping to +15 +12 degrees. During this period there is the Sausage Festival on the territory of the ancient castle. In the air there is an aroma of “gyulai” and “csabai” sausages. October – the golden-red trees and the delicious smell of mulled wine in the restaurants.
  9. November is like a typical cold autumn month, when temperatures do not rise above +10, a cold wind blows from the Danube and there are less and less festivities and more fog.
  10. Winter starts in December when there is more rainfall, winds are colder and temperatures are around 0-2 degrees. There is no severe frost, but it is very dank because of the high humidity. This month is great to visit the indoor baths, such as Szechenyi, Gellert, Rudas. It is worth knowing that the prices are lower on weekdays, and early in the morning there are almost no people and the pools are free for quiet enjoyment and enjoying the warm water.
  11. Frosts to -10 are usually expected in January. This weather lasts for the whole month, sometimes may be interspersed with thaws and even rain. In January the Christmas fair continues, starting in November. Budapest is jubilant with various installations and Christmas decorations, creating a special atmosphere of festivity and fun. The action unfolds at the main Christmas tree on Vörösmarty Square.
  12. In February weather conditions change dramatically, the temperature increases to + 5 and the air becomes softer and warmer. Rains are accompanied by winds, but of lower intensity. At the beginning of the month, if the temperature remains below zero, you can visit the ice rink. At the castle Vajdahunyad opened the largest, here you can rent inexpensive skates and actively spend time.

Budapest – a great European city, which will please both a tourist visiting Hungary for the first time and sophisticated traveler with its unique atmosphere, delicious festivals and incredible grandeur of castles.